July 22, 2019

Holding Space for Hope: A Weekend Retreat back

March 22 - March 24, 2019


hold space for another person, we offer them the gift
of our entire presence without judgment or agenda.
We walk along with them, if only for the briefest
encounter, to an unknown destination. In these
seemingly hopeless days of divisiveness, conflict,
poverty and greed, can we apply this same concept to
Hope? Can we offer Hope the gift of our entire
presence with no agenda or clear destination? Can we
hold space for Hope? On this retreat, we will listen
deeply for Hope in the early signs of Spring and in the
deep wellspring of our being, offering Hope the gift of
our entire presence and, perhaps, a space for Hope to
be held.

Leader: Lorie Conway is a spiritual director and
graduate of the Shalem Institute for Spiritual
Formation. Lorie has a passion for listening and
helping others to notice the Divine gently beckoning
for their attention.

An Open Retreat.