July 9, 2020

Living with Gratitude: A Weekend Retreat back

September 20 - September 22, 2019


Theme: LIVING WITH GRATITUDE. Gratitude is
sometimes said to be the mother of all other virtues.
However, hard times, difficult times, even times of joy
can give us gratitude amnesia. In this retreat, we will
take time to reflect on our blessings, be present now,
and awaken a sense of divine expectancy. In the
silence, we will explore together the contours of
gratitude, giving thanks for another day of life, for the
blessings that have nourished us even to this present
moment, and we will pay attention to the new thing
stirring within us. In this fall retreat, we will see how
the trees, the birds, and even the rocks give thanks to
the Divine; we ourselves will become more deeply
aware of our own responses to divine movement in
our lives.

Leader: Rev. Fay C. Acker is an ordained minister in
the Presbyterian Church (USA). She is a former
Associate Dean of Andrew Rankin Memorial Chapel
and Director of Spiritual Guidance and Pastoral Care.
Rev. Acker is a spiritual director and leader of prayer
groups and retreats.

An Open Retreat.