February 25, 2020

Beauty's Embrace: A Weekend Retreat back

November 1 - November 3, 2019


Theme: BEAUTY’S EMBRACE. In the harshness of life,
there is yet beauty…in a smile, the shimmer of a leaf,
a head bowed in prayer, an outstretched hand, the
dew on the grass, starlight…inviting us to a place of
homecoming and spirit of generosity. “Beauty: The
Invisible Embrace,” Irish poet John O’Donohue called
it. Come away this weekend and in the silence and
company of fellow pilgrims, let’s see and hear and
touch glimpses and glimmers of beauty around us and
in us.

Leader: Trish Stefanik is a contemplative retreat leader
and artist, Dayspring resident, and on staff with the
Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation.