August 15, 2022

Wild Hope in the Time of Earth's Song and Suffering: A Weekend Retreat back

April 1 - April 3, 2022

This retreat is full. Please let us know if you would like to be put on the waiting list.

Theme:  Wild Hope in the Time of Earth’s Song and Suffering. We live in the time of the sixth mass extinction of species—animals and plants—on Earth.  How can we open our hearts wide enough to take in the cry of our relations in the great web of life and, at the same time, hold our hearts open to each delicate wildflower rising in the woods and the song of birds returning to the fields?  Through poetry, story, music and wandering in the early spring woods and fields we will carry this question.  And perhaps, in doing so, we may glimpse a deeper, wilder hope than we have yet imagined.

Leaders: Jim Hall and Cheryl Hellner are experienced retreat leaders who live and work in Earth Ministry at Dayspring.