July 3, 2022

That They May Be One: A Weekend Retreat back

August 5 - August 7, 2022


Theme: That They May Be One.  Jesus calls his people to be one, reconciled in heart and spirit, but division too often affects and infects who and how we are. We carry the stress of fracture in our own bodies and we carry it within and among the members of the Body of Christ. This retreat will invite people from various Christian traditions, life experiences and perspectives to experience more deeply the unity we share, and for that unity to open us to healing and reconciliation with all of God's family and creation.  Body prayers and gentle yoga will be offered during the retreat.

Leaders: Becca Vargas and Margot Eyring.  After 15 years of ministry with the Church of the Saviour community, Becca Vargas returned to the Lutheran denomination (ELCA) where she serves as a pastor and participates in the local committee for ecumenical and interfaith relations.  Her interest in spiritual formation, together with her work with men and women coming home from incarceration has deepened her commitment to practices of restorative justice, institutional transformation, and the inward and outward journeys.  Margot Eyring, retreat leader and spiritual director, loves the creativity invited through contemplative living and practice. She is the Spiritual Direction Coordinator at Coracle, a program staff member at the Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation, and longtime volunteer with Our Daily Bread—making breakfast for her neighbors experiencing homelessness or just in need of connection.