July 23, 2024


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Sunday Worship

9:45 am Gather in silence, 10 am service begins

Currently a hybrid service. During most of the year it is held in the Farmhouse. Summer services will be held at the Pavilion for the rest of summer 2024. All of our summer services are also available through Zoom.

School of Christian Living
Thursday evening sessions in Spring and Fall

Quiet Days, Weekend Silent Retreats, Individual Retreats

Full schedule at dayspringretreat.org

Seasonal Celebrations, Walks on the Land, Tours
 See Earth Ministry website


For Reflection

Planting Trees

The Talmud tells the story of an old man who was planting a carob tree when a king rode by. “Old man,” the king called out, “how old are you?” “Seventy years, your majesty,” the man replied. “How many years will it take before that tree will bear fruit?” the king asked. “Perhaps seventy years,” the man answered. Mockingly, the king went on, “Do you really expect to eat of the fruit of that tree?” “Of course not,” the man said, “but just as I found fruit trees when I was born, so do I plant trees that future generations may eat from them.”

The Talmud Source: God's Echo by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso

Dayspring Voices
Sermons from Sunday worship

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The Church of the Saviour, an ecumenical Christian church envisioned by Gordon and Mary Cosby in the early 1940's, was incorporated in 1947 in Washington, D.C., when they and seven others became its first members.