July 23, 2024




BECAUSE of the peace you experience every time you step foot on this sacred landscape.

BECAUSE you believe many seek holy ground for retreat, renewal and reconnection.

BECAUSE in a world of violence, disconnection and fear there is a great need for quiet and beauty that nurture deep relationship with our Creator.

BECAUSE your generosity to Dayspring ensures that our mission of spiritual hospitality and earth ministry is offered to an ever widening circle of guests.

The life of Dayspring depends almost entirely 
on gifts from individuals.

One Gift DOES make a difference!

One gift of $1,000 provides a month’s cost of repairing and maintaining the equipment needed to care for the beauty of Dayspring.

One gift of $500 means we can pay for another month of Dayspring’s coordinating leadership to block construction of the six-lane M-83 highway next to Dayspring Creek.

One gift of $250 covers one week of the $12,000 a year we spend for repairs to our aging buildings.

One gift of $150 contributes three months of our website costs.

One gift of $50 supplies our office with a year’s worth of copier paper.

One gift of $20 provides a roll of fencing protection for newly-planted trees.

One gift makes a difference.
You can give one today by sending a check to Dayspring at:
11301 Neelsville Church Road
Germantown, MD 20876

For more information, contact Kip Landon through the Dayspring office at 301.515.4399.