March 23, 2019

DO YOU REMEMBER? A Weekend Retreat back

September 21 - September 23, 2018


Theme: DO YOU REMEMBER? Do you remember
who you were before you were the mask you wear
today? Together we will consider this question to help
us recall our true face — Who We Really Are. We'll
“announce our place in the family of things" (Mary
Oliver) and rekindle the connection and identity we
share with the earth beneath and the air surrounding
our forms. Readings will be available from Joanna
Macy, John Fire Lame Deer and Beldon Lane. There
will also be an opportunity for a meditative slow walk
if you so choose.
Leader: Rev. Sarah Anders is an ordained minister in
the United Church of Christ, a Shalem Institute
graduate, and facilitator for Joanna Macy’s “The Work
that Reconnects.” She has a special affection for trees,
and is an avid hiker and adventurer.