July 3, 2022

Making the Lord's Prayer Your Own: A Weekend Retreat back

September 16 - September 18, 2022


Theme: Making the Lord’s Prayer Your Own.  On this retreat we will ponder the multi-layered meanings of Jesus’ exquisite words from his original language (not Greek, but Aramaic).  This opens up a whole new world for the universally known words of the Lord's Prayer. Reading from Neil Douglas-Klotz's book Prayers of the Cosmos, we will let the words and their many meanings seep into our bodies and souls with study, chant, and prayer. We will have an opportunity to write our own unique version of Jesus’ prayer to guide us into our future and our world.

Leader: Connie Ridgway is an experienced retreat leader and a lover of Dayspring.  She is a singer, counselor and meditator as well as a member of Eighth Day Faith Community.