May 27, 2024

Elizabeth O'Connor's Reflection Questions for Beginning a New Year back

Year-ending, Year-beginning
From the December 31, 2012 Daily Devotional Website InwardOutward

By Elizabeth O'Connor, The Church of the Saviour, Washington, D.C.

Use New Year's Eve or New Year's Day as a time of reflection on the year gone and the year to come:

What took place in your home relations? Your work relations? Your church relations? What events in the larger community of city, country and world most captured your attention?

Who were the significant people in your life? What books and art instructed your mind and heart?

Did you create anything this year? Did you make any new discoveries about yourself? How were you gift last year to a person, a community or an institution?

What was your greatest joy in this year gone? What was your greatest sorrow? What caused you the most disappointment? What caused you the most sadness?

In what areas of your life did you grow? Were these areas related to your joy or your pain?

What are your regrets? How would you do things differently, if you could live the year again? What did you learn? 

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From Letters to Scattered Pilgrims by Elizabeth O'Connor