May 27, 2024

Education for children and youth

The Dayspring community provides regular opportunities for the children of Dayspring Church and other Church of the Saviour faith communities.  The children attend a different approach to Christian Education each week of the month. 

The first Sunday of each month is dedicated to the study of earth scripture on Dayspring's 200 acre property. The second Sunday of each month is spent with a topic from Way To Live:Christian Practices for Teens.  Many of the topics carry over for several months and different adults lead each topic.  The third Sunday of each month the children make bag lunches for the men in a  local homeless shelter.  They often make lunches for one hundred twenty men. The Fourth Sunday of each month, the children participate in worship;reading scriptures, providing musical offerings, leading prayers or assisting with communioin. This varied approach to their Christian Education has given them the opportunity to work closely with many different adult members of the church. 

As we all know, silence is an integral part of Dayspring's spiritual "toolbox."  We feel called to share this experience with our dear children so that they too could learn and, hopefully, appreciate the gift of silence.  
On 5th Sundays of the month (approximately 4 times a year), we'll be working with the children to introduce and nurture this Dayspring gift. On those Sundays, we'll be talking to the children about their upcoming silence time during Childrens' Time in worship, and then taking the children onto the land or to Lodge of the Carpenter so that they can go into the silence. At least two of us will be with the children during their times in the silence.  Since we will often be outside, please be sure your child(ren) are dressed for the weather.